Welcome to Lori White Therapy – Counselling in Wimbledon – now online.

Is a relationship causing you unhappiness?

Are you feeling depressed or anxious?

Are you in an emotional crisis with no one to turn to?

Do you need to take stock of where your life is going?

I understand how life brings situations or people that just don’t make sense. Sometimes it can all get too much and we feel over-whelmed, not knowing what to do, who to turn to or what the future may hold.

I can help. I am a qualified and experience counsellor working in the heart of Wimbledon town on online.

I will listen with empathy and without judgement.  You can talk about whatever is worrying you. I will help you understand what is really going on and together we can move gently towards learning, healing and growth.

Call me for a free initial phone consultation. I am here now on 07879 297714 or email me [email protected] to book your appointment.